Selasa, 02 April 2013

B.inggris tugas 4

  • Should government spend more money on improving roads and highways , or should government spend more on money on improving public transportation (buses,trans, subway) ? why? Use specific reason and details to develop your essay !
I think that the roads in Jakarta is very need restructuring of urban space. The more construction of buildings , apartmentt, mall etc. induced  this capital should be the central of activity and unavoidable from congestion. And  so many people  interest in own vehicle its increased the density of roads. 

If the government  has more money on improving. Than to build  of the roads and high ways is one of solutions for Jakarta to reduce jams. In the presence of the roads and highways should be expected the more of one way , than congestions should be reduce jams and the roads will be more expeditious.

After the problem of the jams has be solved , so government may touch ups the public transportation, such as bus, trans, and subway. And some times the bus which  using on public transportation is a broken bus or unfit for use. So that make endanger of safety to  other passenger. Should the government to change all public transportation has broken, because the broken public  transportations could made the accident.

If the public transportation has been fine and the roads and highways has been available. Than Jakarta will be the good city in Indonesia. Besides that Jakarta may has a little forest in the middle of town. it will reduce the pollution and Jakarta will be the beautifull town. :-)

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