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jogja is my choice

NAMA                        : NUR ARIFAH
KELAS                       : 3 EB 03
NPM                           : 28 21 09 06

  •   A foreign visitor has only one day to spend  your country. Where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.               

Indonesia is one big country, it is a very extensive land  and a vast ocean. From Sabang city until Merauke city lined islands and all arre tied to be one of Indonesia. Many kinds of beautiful view in Indonesia such as Toba lake  in Sumatera, Ciwidey Plateau in West java, Monas in Jakarta, Dieng plateau in Central Java, bromo in East Java , Kute Beach  in Bali , Bunaken in Sulawesi , Raja Ampat in Irian Jaya.

If there is a foreign visitor Indonesia only one day, my recommended  of a good place is YOGYAKARTA city . Yogyakarta well known by University Town and has many provides of interesting places. Such as  Baron Beach , Parang tritis Beach , Yogyakarta Palace, Malioboro , Jomblang Cave , Sidoharjo waterfall, and Borobudur temple. 

My reasons to choice Yogyakarta city :
1.      The places of tour in Yogyakarta are not too far between one and another , than a foreign allows to visit many places even if one day.
2.      To showing batik the culture of Indonesia
3.      Exhibited Borobudur temple one wonders of the world
4.      There is nearest international  airport to facilitate the foreign to back to his country

Touring Yogyakarta could be by TransJogja . only by Rp3000,00 to buy ticket . and the haltes are scattered in strategic spots. There are Malioboro, Monument Yogya, Taman Sari, Taman Pintar, and Ambarukmo Plaza. Next we continue to Borobudur temple we can get on by bus. When afternoon we may have arrived in Parangtritis Beach we  would see a beautiful sunset . these all are route to be fun in Yogyakarta Town.

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