Selasa, 19 Maret 2013


KELAS       : 3 EB 03
NPM           : 28210906

  • Some people say that computers havemade life easier and conviniens. Other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful.
Modern period is right now, or we can say by era globalisasi. Which one the technology is very advanced and growing rapidly. These are some technology have made life easier and conviniens. Such as computer, print machine ,  photocopy machine  etc. 

Computer by highly technology is so interest by human. More ever if a computer completed by some applications such as  design application, word application , music application, more over Game application and completed by internet connection . Than computer is a nice  friend in sitting when ever it’s.

Un wonder in this era modern, most of children dependence with computer. Because computer have produced many application game , than made Game on line . Game on line is most favorite game for children right now. But if we looked from their age it is so little for them to know about  game on line, internet and  other virtual world. That’s also for adolescent , not little from them whose be addict of computer, game and internet .

Actually computer is so  helpful if we using it for studying and working. Not only use for game and internet. It is so many function of computer such as  for drawing, design,typing, accaounting, etc. Than computer is  has a negative and positive each other. 

I think that computer have made  our life easier and conviniens , by the highly technology  of computer all jobs  will be solved by good and faster. So ancient in the era modern right now who doing these job by manually.  The job will be more slowly and spend much time. And we have to wise in using computer, to different between working and playing

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