Rabu, 13 Maret 2013


NAME              : NUR ARIFAH
CLASS             : 3EB03
NPM                : 28210906

  •   Do you agree or disagree with the following statement ? Grades (value) encourage students to learn use specific reasons and examples to supporrt your opinion
I’am so agree with the statement that grade encourage student to learn , even it is student of Elementary School , Lower Secondary School , Upper Secondary School and University Student. Especially we talking abaout student of Elementary School , which one they very prioritized competition to reach ranking. And grade is one factor of encouragement and enthusiasm for them to be in good spirit in studying. Like my experience in theacing private of student Elementary class Five . I have noticed during one smester. And she should be more spirit in studying when she got a good value and  than what she had work is not useless. And she can reach the satisfied grades.

a good grade is the real fact what student wanna. They study hard to get the good grade. But many of students justifies all way to get the good grade. Actually it is useless  , because a good grade without study hard is lying and success with study hard is honesty. These all are the real fact which the student allowed all way to get  a good grade without study hard but by money, like they command for people paid to do his job or exercise .They are the example of bad students.

Many student Of university opinions that grade is not important to facing in working , business and activity. They thought just SKILL which is needed to be wroker,employee etc. But in my opinion that Skill is never come by study hard and grade is coming by study hard. And than a grade also important by skill. Because grade and skill both are coming to who studies by hard , pray , and work hard.

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